Friday, 12 August 2011


Hi folks,

Its been a while since my last post but please bear with me, being a security bod its been a busy time as you can imagine, add to current events organizing moving house life has left me with little time and constantly knackered, not even time and energy for a few hours on the river bank annoying tidlers.

Anyroad what about these feral gangs aroaming the streets causing mayhem, working with/against the ferals and watching the carnage on the goggle box has left me somewhat underwhelmed, working them I and my team at the peak of the hysteria confronted a couple of  groups during the days, when they`ve tried it on, not much came of it, although one particularly vile young hood rat managed to get one of his teeth knocked out, our method was to confront em early and do it politely but like we meant it and they usually backed off and went elsewhere looking for easier targets, there`s the occasional exception of course, some are just hell bent on violence and getting in your face, then you`ve got to deal with them quickly and with purpose, no Queensbury rules or chit chat, you do what is needed and make sure you can justify it, or you get out of the way rapid, and let the police deal with them, if there are any.

So buddy what have I learned from all this, not much frankly, recent events have confirmed why I prep and enabled me to put some of them into practice, dealing with confrontations, battening down the hatches at home and work and getting home safely avoiding high risk areas.

It was interesting watching how others reacted to this SHTF event, too many where totally  unprepared either tactically or mentally, no alternative routes home, no communication with family etc. People where scared and shocked by what they where seeing and hearing, mentally unprepared as the veneer of civilization slipped and the ugly truth underneath revealed itself, demonstrating to me that mental prep is a massive issue, I saw fear and shock  freeze people on the spot and people actually putting themselves and  others in more danger through panic.

Ta ta for now.