Monday, 15 August 2011

Ha, ha, ha, sob!

Hi folks,

I managed  three hours fishing my favourite Trent peg on Sunday evening, my usual tactics, feeder, size 14 barbless, maggotts, result!, one Perch and one Gudgeon. Not very good really, the flow was steady, the water was as warm as bath water, the maggotts lively and I fished through sunset  so the timing and conditions were perfect in theory but still only two measly tiddlers.

Obviously my tactics are wrong, I still haven`t caught a Barbel and I don`t mind admiting I`m getting a little downcast about it, I guess thats why it`s called fishing and not catching ha ha ha......sob!

I`ve been putting half a dozen bait feeder fulls of ground bait, pellets and dead maggots out as acurately as possible and fishing over it with a feeder full of live maggots and triple on the hook and I`m just getting bits occasionally.

Thats enough moaning, the river was beautiful, the Swans and Ducks where playful, I enjoyed being outdoors in the peaceful countryside breathing in the fresh air and supping bottles of Bishops Finger rather than grimy city smog and crap coffee, just wish them bloody Barbel would show up, think I`ll try Lobworms next time, that`ll tempt em!