Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hi fans,

Sadly there`s no fishing this week, time and moving house waits for no man,  I`ve found myself too busy this weekend with garden duties, clearing and weeding etc.

Two years ago my wife and I planted a Plum and an Apricot tree, they were twiggy little things and I wasn`t hopeful however my doubts were unfounded, they both grew very fast and are both  now over 10 feet tall and the Plum tree bore a bountyfull harvest of large juicy fruit for the first time this year.

So today I picked the last of the ripe Plumbs and had a bash at Jamie Olivers crumble recipe, as you can see from the picture above its a crumble to be proud of, I added a couple of apples the kids next door had thrown over the hedge and some home grown berries, now to open a tin of custard and its happy days.