Thursday, 4 August 2011

Preps- Bugs n Slugs

Hi folks,

It`s on damp mornings like these that you`ll find me in the garden rooting around hunting slugs. So it was this morning before I set off for work, 15 mins hunting produced 21 sluggys.

My two hens love em and fight over them, they make a good supliment to their diet and keeps down the damage to my veggies. I do use pesticides, sprays and slug pellets however, I`ve tried the organic approach but after repeatedly losing most of my crops to slugs and bugs I abandoned that approach.

The problem is in a SHTF situation losing crops would mean less food which of course would be a bad situation so I`m always looking to be well stocked up with critter killer.

I`ve also heard Mr Slug makes a good bait for Chub, I`ve not tried it yet, maybe this weekend.

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