Friday, 5 August 2011

Preps- Keeping Beer Cold

Hi folks,

I`ve often wondered how I`d keep my beers cool if the electrics went down for a long period of time, well now I have a nice little project for the weekend, all I need are some clay pots, some sand and a wet towel.


Skean Dhude said...


1) Go fishing
2) Put beer in water
3) Snooze until thirsty
4) Take 1 can of beer from water and consume
5 If cans left go to 3
6 Go to supermarket
7 Buy beer and food
8) Go home
9) Consume food.
9) If electricity still broke go to 1
10) Put telly on sports channel
11) Drink beer
12) Try and have sex with missus
13) Go to sleep

That should cover it and will make a really enjoyable day.

Nick said...

Ha, thats sounds like a good plan of action!

Skean Dhude said...

I like planning. Saves disappointment.